February is  
“Have a Heart—Give a Heart for Hope” Month

  A message from Hope Haven CEO Bobbie Barr

I moved to Colorado in 2000 from Chicago, and believe I was brought here for a reason.  I have been given opportunities that I cherish, and have learned from. The gift of music has always been  in my family, and I remember the comfort it has always brought me.   Especially in times of need, music refreshes our minds, relaxes us, and brings us back to life.   Children have been given natural talents that should not be wasted because of our economy.  Musicians have talents that should be shared.  Help me bring them together!  Volunteers are what Hope is made of, people giving of themselves,   sharing their life experiences, and teaching the next generation, which  keeps the circle going. There are so many ways you can give. Your time , talents, and life experiences are appreciated and priceless, but, if you can’t volunteer these precious resources, there are many ways you can help Hope to grow.  Donate today..


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Chloe Lenel - 2010
an outline of the actual "Tree of Hope"

Life is like
"The Tree of Hope"
It started out on the wrong path
but then...
found it's way

Great Gift!!!
A Musician "Must Have"

Loren Weisman - The Artist Guide to Success in the Music Business

Acknowledge Your Mission - Trust Your Path
Become Your Chosen Destiny
HOPE......"Has no HOPE " without you!!
Hope Haven is a non profit dedicated to bringing relief
through the gift of music

EIN# 27-1935487   Colorado Charitable Solicitations Filing 20103002312
The Concept......
Finding your path through Music

First...by bringing Hope to children who have the gift of music in their souls but who's
parents have been hit with the devastation of the economy.
We will team up local musicians with BIG hearts who are willing to give at least one hour
of their time per week to give back their God given gift to someone less fortunate.
Twice a year these students will perform for the community which will
bring in donations for Hope to grow.

This vision was inspired by the movie August Rush (Cast List)
If you have not seen it, please find it today.  August Rush is a 2007 drama film
directed by Kirsten Sheridan and written by Paul Castro, Nick Castle, and James V. Hart,
and produced by Richard Barton Lewis.
Starring...Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers,
Jamia Simone Nash, Terrence Howard and Robin Williams

Hope Haven runs off the loving hearts, minds, and hands of volunteers, and a very limited office staff.

Hope is not politically, religiously, or racially motivated...We're people helping people!

You grow lettuce, I'll grow tomatoes, then we each will have a salad

You can help by donating time, instruments, music stands, folding chairs, paper, printer ink, or money.
Every little contribution helps. If your life restrains you from helping physically,
donations are always appreciated.


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